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Almost all creation stories involve a tree as a center theme, standing on a shore and being reflected in the water. As one looks upon the reflected tree, down is up and the top is down. Spirit and matter reversed. In that perfect garden of creation, the gardener is talking about the knowledge of good and evil. In the Mayan culture, that tree represented also a calendar of time. It took 9 major quantum leaps to get to where we are today. The time of each of these quantum leaps is again divided into 7 days and 6 nights of structured development in waves of evolution. Spirit and matter took a long time to fuse and to become functional living beings with advanced consciousness.

As in most of ancient art, a story is being told. This picture of the Tree of Life has all the elements of story telling. A spiraling tree with an eye. A base frame with a inner structure. An emerging foundation with symbolic signals. Animals of which they speak for them self. The top has 4 directions. Brahma the first living being, born from the top of the lotus tree, refereed to in the Gita as a Banyan tree. The tree has helpers from both sides. They work with specific tools to assist the trees fertility and creating good fruit.

This Tree of Life calendar is 16.4 billion years long, till 2012. There are 9th levels of time, speeding up 20x faster the next level up, till it was completed. Our last two quantum leaps was when in 1999 computers emerged as personal PC's, and in 2012 when cell phones the social media and the global web appeared. That leap also went through 7 days and 6 nights of developments. Basically it took that long to take birth as humanity. Everything before was just preparation for what is to come next.

At the moment humanity is in the second night of progress. It will take to about till mid 2017 to get to a faint light in the distant sky, for the sun to be seen in 2018.

The subject I would like to discuss here is spiritual, and is one of the three energies to be elaborated in the Mayan, or other spiritual traditions. It is also important to understand time in this regard. There are three principal energies: 1) spiritual transcendental, 2) material temporary and 3) living organics. All three energies occupy space, in which the material energy is superbly influenced by time. We can all see a world around us full of energies, all kinds, still consider between the left or right there is also the middle. As there is space, there is matter in space, also with someone holding or occupying that space. What do we do when we occupy some space, say in a building, we have to maintain it. Either pay rent, or taxes, or employ a maintenance crew. 

According to the Mayan time table of calendars, there is a Tree of Life, with a beginning and an end of completed construction. Time to build is part of the construction. No tree can grow in your briefcase; it would take real soil on a planet, to be occupied by the space of a tree. First there was the space, then the tree occupied the space, but after a long time, wind, fire and weather cleared up the space for something new to come. Not only the Mayans talked about the Tree of Life, the Bible also talked about the Tree in the garden of knowing good and evil. The DNA snake is coiling around the trunk, branching out above, and to create fruit. Similar parables also appear in the Viking tradition, with Odenheim being occupied by demigods at the upper regions of the galactic Tree of Life. The Vedic literature is full of descriptions regarding the Tree of Life, compared to a banyan tree with its roots upward, seen as an opposite reflection on a still lake.

In the Veda, the time tables have never been that simple and easy to understand as it is with the Mayan calculus. Mathematics is geometrical, perfect, strict, reliable, repeatable scientific and verifiable. The Golden Meam or the Fibonacci sequence are applied throughout biology in our solar system. They are not accidental, they are designed intentionally. Pi, Phi or the putonic forms have not changed over time. So has our human body kept the exact measurements, directly built in. The geometry of the Tree of Life is the original blueprint. Compare the Tree of Life to a radio station from where the signal is sending out. You know it takes a station manager, programmers and all kinds of output to have the listener receive the signal. Only if we tune in, to be informed, we have a choice. Our brain is equipped with the tools of the universe, such as intuition, insight to understand, to improve or develop, and so may ideas how to occupy living space.

In 2012, the Mayan 9 Steps of Creation have come to a completion. It began 16.4 billion years ago with the Cellular wave. Each step up speed ups 20 times so it took 820 million years to complete the Mammalian wave. Third step up to the Familial wave started at 4.1 million years, after to the 4th level the Tribal wave, it started some 2 million years ago. Counting back to the fifth wave the Cultural underworld, it started 102,000 years ago. After that period, all space was cleared for the new National wave, that started 3115 BC, marking it the Iron Age. The seventh wave was the Planetary, and started 1755 AD and lasted all the way till January 4th, 1999, the beginning of the Galactic 8th wave. We all know the many changes the new millennium brought to humanity. The 9th wave is the Universal, it started March 9, 2011 and only lasted for 260 days ending at October 28th 2011. So, to mark it as December 21, Solstice of 2012, is just a time marker, the beginning of a new age, "the electronic age". We now have the tools in hand: computers, smart phones, micro and macro technology. Humanity has just been created. We are still toddlers in a world where we are still learning the basics. So the most fundamental questions must be addressed to function properly and with ease in the future. 

What is matter?
What is spirit?
Who am I?
Why am I here?
Where am I?

It has been confirmed, reality consists of three factors: 1) the mutable material energy temporarily manifested; 2) we, conscious individuals in between, the living organisms longing for existence; and 3) spirit as the conscious oneness space as "The Tree of Life". Wisdom means, to understand life's purpose as a science, to realize the self.

What is matter?

Matter is created out of contracted space, much, much denser space, in which matter can float. Similar to a cloud in space, where water vapor can accumulate into different shapes. Expanding or contracting, according to time, place and other circumstances such as wind and altitude. Space is 99.89% volume, whereas matter is only a small part of the whole. Space can float Stars, Galaxies, Gama or radio-waves without distorting its matter. Space can hold a black hole's spin, faster then the speed of light, so it cannot escape. Matter evolves over time into 9 dimensions. The purpose of material energy is to provide subtle and solid containers for life to manifest consciousness. That container in its minute form are centrioles from the cellular tree of life. Space contains all unmanifested life. We go there every night our self, when in deep sleep, we are not manifesting consciousness. After a fine day, life is to be liberated from the constrains of the material energy. Matter gives the manifested self a chance, to express gratitude, desires, wishes, as well as sorrows, fears or any other temporary emotions for that matter.

What is spirit?

Thinking feeling and willing of the divine conscious person. Inconceivable. One with and simultaneously also different from everything. Supreme Original Space, Personification known by many names such as Krishna, Allah, God, Universe,Tetragrammaton and many other representations. The Tree of Life can be compared to a universal living radio station, sending out waves of spiritual programed information. The Mayans and many other ancient cultures called it nature, as "The Tree of Life." Humanity has come a long way, up to the finish line. We are on the brink of a new millennia, the electronic age, where we can correct our spiritual understanding, from old religious fanaticism, to a scientific approach. That would include respect for ancient wisdom, compassion and actual facts. Now we have computers and the electron microscope with which we can look into a homunculus, a male sperm. It is also possible now to differentiate between sperm head bloated with the homunculus or not. We know that no woman's egg can be fertilized, without a bloated homunculus. By entering the female egg, part of the sperm tail becomes a centriole. PI contains the geometry of space and the third dimension, the right, left and center divide. Spirit brings purpose, order and structure to matter, driving cell divisions with a plan, and also its cell repair. Nothing without a plan. Spirit is undivided, it can become many, without becoming less. Large or small, every spirit is a person, to reside in a form according to its level of awareness. This part is the organizing spirit centriole from where the egg is manifesting its DNA.

Spirit has 4 characteristics: Sat - Cit - Ananta - Figura, in English: Time - Knowledge - Bliss - Physical Form. Lets try to look at either aspects.

Sat = time. It started some 16.4 billion years ago, evolving generation of suns, forging in the nuclear furnace, to become super novas so that matter can have its exact metallicity, so planets can be formed. As you noticed, time is never standing still. It is also the 9th dimension or movement. Nothing can stand still; so = time is a part of the self. There is an up and down, in and out duality. As above, so below. Every expansion demands a contraction. Living in the light and dark, day and night, progress and setbacks of a greater divine Self. It took 9 stages of quantum leaps to come to this point in 2012. The self, as this aspect of time, remembers the past, is here now and aware of future times to come.

Cit = Knowledge, conscious actions. No computer can think for itself. This side, the "Che", identifies the individual with willpower and competence. Look at any baby, they know how to grow or play. No training needed, spontaneity all built in. From the inner, self knowledge is a given, a purpose can be found, many meanings and more learning, experiencing the need for wisdom. To know how to use tools, all kinds and of all sorts. Subtle tools or stone tools, the body structure is in itself is the greatest tool, one has to know how to use it. Why use tools, to accomplish something, to figure it out and to also use the brain as a wonderful tool. Know thy self.

Ananta = Bliss. Prasanna or the bliss from within. Everyone has desires for happiness, not just some satisfaction, Bliss the ecstatic inner feelings. Joy experienced beyond satisfaction, also hankering for more. To know and enjoy requires the other three to be in balance too. Happiness is not a fantasy, it is personal. A joke is funny, and I am laughing, but I don't see the chair laughing, or any other dull matter. Bliss is the state of who am I. Different circumstances create waves of emotional events of action and reaction. Like a road has two directions, towards fear or love, going towards joy or sadness. All those feelings have a meaning. Its hard to laugh about a joke without getting the punch line.

Vigura = Figura, figure what! Figured it out ? We have the geometrical form of this body. Within that body is such a wonderful geometry. If I look close, I can see in or out, in 9 different dimensions. The shape of our body is determent by the wave vibration, coming from the Tree of Life. Just like a blueprint, all living entities have centrioles. The basic shape of geometry, where spirit can enter and bring forth a conscious divine form, to unfold the DNA for its shape. This shape has tension and vibrates in specific wavelengths back to its source. Every shape, up to the shape of a planet, is determined by higher forces called the unified field theory. In Geometry, the place to house spirit is called the vector equilibrium. What makes the heart spin? What makes a black hole spin? What makes the galaxy spin??? What makes me spin? / The meaning of life: LOVE.

Who am I?

A timeless, inner bliss and knowing, in a structured body. As in geometry, the inner-most space in the heart, the hard shell is the vector equilibrium. A subtle unbreakable structure, also called the mini-black-hole, situated within the heart. Because microcosm and macrocosm are connected there, a subtle spin without friction can rotate, to create unlimited varieties and possibilities. That accounts for our individuality and personality, living in space. The heart charges our blood cells when floating by the inner vector self with tiny parts of conscious energy. As the onion has many layers, the inner unfolding of layers develop into characteristics of Self. We have three subtle layers surrounding heart.

Closest is the ego, the identity-portrait of what I am. As the ego is surrounding the self, it creates the that identity. As the gross body needs food and energy, so also the subtle body. Ideas can feed the ego. There are two types: the false-ego or the true-ego. Most of us suffer from the false-ego concept of thinking: I am the body, I am my country, I am my money, or any other labels. The true ego has clean feeling of harmonic resonance with the tree of live vibration, a detachment for the results of external affairs.

Surrounding the ego is the intellect. A subtle layer extending from the heart to within the head. Subtle colored light through the prism of structural possibilities, seen from the vectors perspective. Endless possibilities for connections, depending on time, the place and their circumstances. Our brain is our blood organ where electric impulses are used to create intellectual thoughts, memories, reason, rationality, meaning, insights, logic, understanding or conflict resolutions. Our brain is mostly a big blood vessel depending on the charged blood vessels from the heart going up, and there being discharged. That bio-electricity can be measured and resembles a electric computer. The hard drive needs an operator, me, motivated to investigate.

The next layer out is the mind, the "yes-no" factor for connecting electric impulses with the senses. The mind is the bridge between the subtle and gross material coverings of the self. The mind, intellect and ego contain awareness consciousness, not from the blood, but from the spiritual, transcendental energy within the vectors structure. No one can express existence without this mechanism. When this force is impaired, we call it unconscious. In formless state. the mind has no hold onto matter. The self is aware when ego, intellect and mind connect to the senses, so we can open our eyes when waking up in the morning.

The fact is, that as human being, I am not an immaterial whim of nature. On the contrary, we know now that human beings are the intended end result of a purposeful evolution. We have all the reasons to take interest in its characteristics and what makes us special. Hence, I think it is our basic premise to find out the purpose of this creation. As is its design and conception not only to create an organism in the image of the cosmos, but also to create one that is conscious and is able to experience reality beyond any doubt.

Where am I ?

Where, are we, really ? The world in which we live is so endlessly bigger, than the little I or you for that matter. We all had to come into this world alone, and we will be going alone. The question, "where to go next?", is only relevant when one knows where one is now, at the starting point, for what comes next. Earlier we learned that we are all spirits in an individual material geometry of space-time. Not a void, rather packed with potentials. We are the fruits from the The Tree of Life. It took a seemingly endless amount of time for this tree to produce fruit. Then after all that, this fruit will need to wither and shrink before becoming a seed. Some seeds may end up food for others, some fall to the ground to become compost, some turn into branches with leaves. Some will disperse and serve a different purpose, the finding of new growing ground. The time it took for evolution to mature is worth the fruit it produces. This cosmic tree is so much larger then we tiny living entities, who are spread throughout this galaxy with its 10 billion suns. After 16.4 billion years, by the will of this tree, some fruit has been produced, and some seeds are being germinated. Humanity is experiencing a new global quantum leap. The simple realization that we are all of one family, with 10 fingers, a brain and common moral values. Also just now, at the right time, we are experiencing a global refugee crisis. Where are we to go, on One planet, spinning around itself and our sun. To understand, where am I?, look at it multidimensional. We are part of the deep space, the In/Out, we are all 10 dimensional beings. Conscious awareness vibrating as we tune in to the observance of space, the non-reactive far beyond all senses. Be here now, as concentrated energy = > towards important values. A beautiful awareness of ethical moral structures in society. The "where am I?" turns around into "why am I here?"

There are five factors of action: "where to be?",The place, me the actor, my senses and the endeavor I put in. Then there is"mother-nature," the Supreme divine will. For us to have a collective global "aha moment" in the future, humanity will have to endeavor for all five factors to play itself out. Be at the right time, at the right place, to endeavor with clear senses and for a purpose, and the universe will most likely not block. The fact of asking, to participate in actions, that's where it starts. Fortunately, we are never at the same place, traveling fast throughout space-time. The constants are our values We are, where we need to be. Nothing happens without endeavors and actions require endeavors as in trials and errors. A variety of approaches to act and the freedom to decide where and how to be. The meaning is in its purpose. We have so many reasons why we need to know more. The rules are all made for us to figure it out, our value in purpose. Translated into action is a way to transcend matter onto higher levels.

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