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The Prasanna Yoga Ashram is a place where we strive to experience the bliss from within. We live here, off the land, harmoniously with no enemies or boundaries. The Sanskrit word "Ashram" means a place of learning, within a natural environment, away from the busy bustle of the world.

Yoga means "the science of self realization." As we naturally ask a reoccurring questions: Who am I? Who are we? What do we feel? What do we really want? What am I to do in life so I be liberated from suffering?

Blissfulness is a complete state of happiness. Here are a few words on the subject.

A blissful state of mind, one can say is "having a bliss attack." It is when one's feelings reach intense satisfaction or "Ananta." It can accrue either in Samadhi, or in a humble giving, or as in a sexual orgasmic release, also when intensely surprised, or as ecstatic emotional feeling. Also when laughing with deep breathing, shivers, uncontrolled gestures or cuffing. Bliss is then experienced from within, in our true self. At that moment we can expend our hearts and embrace pure Love, one experience, now. The moment will be imprinted in memory; still the feeling can go on, aware with gratitude and satisfaction.

Then, when one thinks about the experience and remembers, when did I have my last bliss attack, ah a very gratifying feeling indeed.

But, when a person with no such memory is entrapped in a life of alarm clock mornings, commute to work, TV dinners, bills, obligations and commitments, there's hardly any time between chores to be in bliss. We all have bliss moments of joy from within, for different reasons. Sometimes it is a falling in love or getting a promotion, winning something or closing a deal, dating your charm or the anticipation to meet a friend. There are various other ways. Essentially, the same joy occurs every time we connect with our deep inner self.

There are three different "modes of material nature" in this world: Goodness, Passion and Ignorance, as there are three primary colors yellow, red and blue. Also the delightful experience of bliss is in those sub-categories. Happiness in the mode of goodness is pure, lasting, spontaneously inventive and intensely satisfying, as is the art of living, or being at the right place and time under just the right circumstance.

Bliss in the mode of passion can be an intense relive, success, accomplishments, also a letting go of struggle, dumping is uplifting, liberating, freeing from burdens. Much bliss in the mode of passion can be drug related. It might be the healing medicine from past depression and conformity. Then bliss in the mode of ignorance is, when we feel that we got something we always wanted, desires fulfilled. We got it, we won the lottery. Short lived and sometimes followed by a hang over, there is hardly any pain, and mostly extensive learning involved.

It is a sign of progress for a human being when he is able to enjoy the bliss and does not need to sweat the small stuff, and can forgive in peace and emphasize others difficulties in life.
I have practiced Yoga since 1971. The Prasanna Yoga Ashram started some 20 years ago here in Redwood Valley. I built it from the raw land, to face the eastern sun. This micro-climate has a steady supply of spring~water, redwoods and peace. Surrounding neighbors are Thailand Forest Monks and Orthodox Christan Monks.
- Iksvaku
You can schedule yoga lessons. Free of conditions, needs, expectations and fears. Questions are welcome. Bhakti is the yoga of love to the spiritual conscious aspect of the divine self. Brahman, Paramatma, Bhagavan are the three aspects to be discovered. Personal, divine, discrete, private, open, timeless. Yoga is transcendental, it is bliss. Not like religion, taboos, and status in society.

You could be happy and content if you’re informed about the bigger picture. All 9 dimensions need to be activated to be fully in bliss. I am here to give you the information so you can activate you’re own identity.

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